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How to run a Visualware connection test using the BCS

This walk-through will take you through the steps required to run a connection test (VoIP, Speed etc.) using the Visualware BCS.

Download and Install the BCS

Download the BCS from here.

Follow the installation instructions for the platform you're using (Windows | Mac).

Running a Test

Once the BCS has been installed and is running correctly you should be able to run a connection test.

To run a test from the Visualware Connection Test Portal click here and choose a location.

Test not loading/BCS not detected?

So, you've downloaded and installed but the test won't load/BCS isn't detected. There are some things to check to make sure everything is running correctly. The first step however is to try refreshing the page and to make sure port 32658 is open in your Firewall/Router. If that doesn't work...

1) Make sure the BCS is running
2) Make sure the BCS has connected
3) Check to see if the BCS can be connected to

If you have checked all BCS related troubleshooting and are still having problems then contact us.