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Windows Install
Installing the BCS on Windows

Once the installer has been downloaded locate it on your computer, right click the icon and select Run As Administrator

right click and run as admin

Click the Next button to go to the next step.

run the installer

Click I Agree to accept the license agreement.

run the installer page 2

We recommend leaving the Check to run the BCS automatically check box checked.

The benefits of this include automatic updates (the user will always be asked permission before updating) and running silently.

This means the user won't have to start the BCS every time they want to perform a test.

run the installer page 3

Specify the installation folder and then click Install.

run the installer page 4

The installation should complete successfully. Click Close to complete the installation.

run the installer page 5

Useful links:

Verify the BCS is set to run automatically

After verifying the BCS is running, check that it can connect