It is well known all browsers are not created equal, especially on performance
So, why do we expect to get the same results from different browsers?
BCS for Windows (5.3.2)
BCS for Mac (5.3.2)
BCS for Linux (5.3.0)

The BCS is necessary as it bypasses the limitations of HTML5, which include the inability to support UDP (required for VoIP testing) and cross browser inaccuracies.

Accuracy not important? Then consider...

∗  Trusted test results only come from a proven consistency of accuracy
∗  User experiences depend on network assessment accuracy
∗  Bad user experiences are the No.1 help desk complaint
∗  Bandwidth demand is expected to grow 3x by 2020 (Gartner)
∗  A VoIP 100 call quality test must be able to measure 10,000 packets to 0.01ms
∗  Bandwidth testing must be able to measure a minimum of 1 million bits per 1ms
∗  Does it matter if different HTML5 browsers report different results?
∗  Does it matter if back-to-back tests report different results?
∗  Does it matter if a wireless tablet and PC report different results?
∗  Does it matter if HTML5 cannot support a Route or VoIP assessment?
∗  Can network problems be found/resolved when results are not accurate?

BCS – consistent test accuracy ensures a better user experience