A Good User Experience Demands an Accurate Test.
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The highly accurate test solution to ensure your critical
network connections deliver the right user experience
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When was the last time your provider agreed that your connection had a problem? Never, right?!
"You have no problem, all our lights are Green" is the usual response, yet the bad user experience continues.
Measuring a connection inaccurately will never find a problem, let alone provide the information to solve it. BCS is designed to accurately measure quality whether the issue is voice quality, poor video or a cloud application that is frustratingly slow.
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BCS is the "must have" solution

Powered by MyConnection Server, whether a 1Mbps or 100Gbps connection, measurement accuracy not only discovers problems, it also provides the essential information to help find and resolve the problem. A bit like comparing an x-ray to an MRI scan.

Visualware BCS delivers uncompromised accuracy over a wide range of test types regardless of browser or platform, wireless or wired, 1Mbps or 100Gbps.

Accuracy Builds Trust.

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