visualware bcs support

The support section provides common topics, FAQs, tutorials and more to help navigate everything BCS related


Common questions regarding all things BCS.

What operating systems support BCS?
I have just installed the BCS, how do I start it?
How do I upgrade to the latest version of the BCS?
Can I still use the BCS if I'm not the system administrator?
Why do I need the BCS?

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How do I host a BCS powered test on my website?
How do I uninstall the BCS?

Common Topics

Higher level topics/articles regarding BCS and the technology behind it.

Understanding the technology beind the BCS
The difference between a BCS test and other browser based tests
Popular myths about Internet "speed"
The challenge of measuring high bandwidth connections
The Obsession with Bandwidth Part 1

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The Obsession with Bandwidth Part 2


Having problems with the BCS or a test related to the BCS? This is your section.

Common error codes
Test the BCS connectivity
Make sure the BCS is binding to the correct ports
Make sure the BCS is running as a service