visualware bcs

The highly accurate test solution to ensure your critical network connections deliver the right user experience

v5.5.0 (December 5th, 2020)Install HelpWindows 8+
v5.5.0 (December 5th, 2020)Install HelpMac OS 10.14+ (Mojave+)
v5.5.1 (February 26th, 2021)Install Help

The Power of BCS

The BCS plugin, like PDF Reader or Go-To-Meeting, provides a powerful and, crucially, accurate platform for connection testing.

There are many so called "Speed Tests" out there today but the reality is they are not accurate. Browser only tests that do not require a plugin are simply not capable of performing tests like VoIP, Route or Capacity.

In short, they do not measure the true user experience of the Internet. Visualware BCS does.

Accuracy Builds Trust.

more about testing protocols

example test using visualware bcs

Easy to Use

Installation takes a few seconds and, in most cases*, the BCS will run in the background seamlessly and non intrusively.

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*admin privileges required to run as a service

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Help Against ISPs

When was the last time your provider agreed that your connection had a problem? Never, right?!

"You have no problem, all our lights are Green" is the usual response, yet the bad user experience continues.

speed test summary tab

Measuring a connection inaccurately will never find a problem, let alone provide the information to solve it. BCS is designed to accurately measure quality whether the issue is voice quality, poor video or a cloud application that is frustratingly slow.



Installing varies depending on the platform.

This section aims to help you navigate through to a successfull installation and a positive user experience.


Test BCS

Once of the main questions after install is "How do I know if it's working?".

The connectivity test is designed to do just that, run a test to see if the BCS is installed. As the BCS runs in the background you don't have to run an app everytime you want to use it.


Run a

Once you've confirmed the BCS is installed and running why not try out our portal!

Simply choose a location from the world map and we'll analyze your connection based on that location.