MyConnection Assessment

Advanced Connection Testing Solution

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MyConnection Assessment Features

  • Assessment. Using a combination of Speed tests, Capacity tests, VOIP tests, and Route tests, your connection will be assessed for various metrics including: Speed, Capacity, Quality, and Response Time
  • Report Export. Once an Assessment has been completed you can export the results to a report to send to your Internet Service Provider
  • Multiple Test Endpoints. Assessment's can be run against multiple locations (in paid versions), the more locations tested against the higher quality assessment results
  • History Table. View multiple Assessment results in a table to see how the results have changed over time
  • Route Test. Route tests are used to eliminate assessment discrepancies caused by the specific route taken
  • Automated Testing. Lets you run tests at a specific interval to see how your connection quality changes during different times of the day
  • Remote BCS Testing. Allows you to run tests against a remote location after installing the BCS, this allows you to administer tests from a remote location without directly connection to that site
  • Custom Servers. Lets you run tests against any MyConnection Server

Feature Free Home Business
Connection Assessment
Assessment Report Export
Test endpoints 1 2 3
Assessment history table
Route test Unidirectional Bi-directional
Automated Testing 1 day, 30 minute intervals 7 days, 15 minute intervals
Remote BCS Testing
Custom MCS Support
Purchase: Home $39.95 | Business $59.95