Henry C. Harris

Founder, President and CEO

Harris was one of three founders of Visualware in 2001. Prior to the inception of Visualware, Harris held several key positions at Zitel Corporation, a high performance memory systems and performance management company. With Zitel's acquisition of Datametrics Systems Company, a software business, he took on the role of President of the subsidiary. Before Harris took the leadership roles at Zitel and Datametrics, he was President and CFO at a thin film media start-up company, Dynamic Disk.

The Founders (Harris, Palmer and 3rd Founder who retired) had strong desires and keen sense of innovation to deliver internet-focused solutions. Over time that enthusiasm and passion motivated the Founders to develop a unique technology platform for Network Application and Performance Assessment.

Prior to getting into the high-tech business, Harris worked in senior management positions in two public restaurant companies. Fresh out of college, he worked as an auditor for Touche, Ross and Co where he became a CPA. In 1973, Harris earned his degree in business from California State University, San Francisco.

Julian C. Palmer

Founder & CTO

Palmer is the co-founder of Visualware and is responsible for technical architecture of enterprise software and hardware product offerings. He is also heavily focused on customer relationships, especially for large corporate accounts.

Prior to Visualware, he was CTO at Datametrics, a Zitel subsidiary, and a colleague of Harris. He is a highly skilled technologist who has held many leadership roles in the high-tech industry, including founding Palmer and Webb Systems, an enterprise automated operations solutions provider which he directed for 15 years. Prior to P&W, he also founded Resource Management Systems Bahamas, which he later sold into the European market.

He was educated in the United Kingdom and his qualifications include 5GCE in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Technical Engineering. He also received a Higher National Diploma in Physics, Technical Design and Drawing, and Mechanical Engineering.

Harris and Palmer's innovative spirit and the strong desire to deliver internet-focused solutions that accurately assess Online connections, to provide the ultimate user experience (UX) became the catalyst. The enthusiasm and passion of these two Founders (along with a 3rd Founder who had retired) generated a solid motivation to develop a unique technology platform for Network Application and Performance Assessment, thus Visualware was formed.

Julie Lancaster

Vice President of Sales

Julie is responsible for business development, new customer acquisitions, sales operations and client relationships at Visualware. Her background includes 20 years of knowledge and experience in sales and marketing from the networking industry. Julie accomplished various acquisition of large enterprise accounts and development of sales channels in the US and international markets with proven success. She has joined Visualware from the first day of its inception and has been a valuable contributor to its revenue growth.

Prior to Visualware, she worked at several start-ups including Datametrics, a Zitel subsidiary, where she established and drove international business growth of enterprise application performance software sales in Latin America. At IBTCI, she held several key positions including business development for international government contracts and management of all network operations. She also worked at Boynton and Associates where she held senior management positions in publishing and was responsible for all revenue and operations of several publications.

Julie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from George Mason University.