MyConnection Server
myconnection serverMyConnection Server (MCS) delivers a broad range of support managed automated and user-initiated self-help connection testing and monitoring services directly via the browser to any Online customer/location anywhere in the world. MCS provides precise measurement connection throughput and capacity, network routing and firewall testing. These testing parameters can be done along with its analysis tools that are custom designed to assess connections for bandwidth's intensive and time critical applications such as VoIP and Video conferencing. Learn more
Access Cloud Servers
access cloud server The MCS Access Series Cloud Server solution delivers a unique testing platform which instantly identifies network quality problems that impact business applications and erode the customer quality of experience. The technology reports quality events including packet loss, retransmits, duplicates and retransmit timeouts, including the essential aspect of the recovery delay and effect on the connection service. Learn more
AccessCXM Devices
AccessCXM deviceVisualware's breakthrough Access Series technology measures the health and performance of packets, particularly TCP packets, by analyzing the decisions being taken by the connection endpoints during the data flow process. This unique technology has no software OS or file system, delivering a highly secure network quality assessment platform that is ideal in the public or private domain as it cannot be hacked. Learn more
NetQCheck Pi
NetQCheck PiThe MCS NetQCheck Pi device, a Connection Quality Testing Solution, uses a NetQCheck Pi™ Linux unit that provides a low cost solution for automated testing of end-user connections. The Pi units are small and inexpensive Linux computers that are shipped with the MCS NetQCheck software installed. They are capable of providing accurate measurements of TCP throughput, VoIP jitter/packet loss, UDP capacity testing and network routing. It has the added ability to provide response time reporting for key network services including DNS, HTTP, FTP and Ping. Learn more
NetQCheck (NQC) API
netqcheck api NetQCheck technology delivers a comprehensive testing framework that can be embedded into network applications and/or devices for testing, analyzing and reporting connectivity problems. NQC effectively smart enables any network device or application that is connected to a TCP/IP network so it can test TCP and UDP protocols, explore routes to identify quality issues, especially in the last mile, that affect the customer. Learn more
BCS/HTML5 Extension
bcs html5 The new Browser Compatibility Service (BCS) technology enables HTML5 non-Java support for all popular mainstream browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. BCS is now capable of running as a seamless silent background service, which also allows not only the test architecture to be independent of the browser but at the same time provides a highly accurate testing engine. This testing engine supports a 100Gbps test and 1000 line VoIP test. Learn more  •  Press Release