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Over the past four years I have used MyConnection Server for WAN circuit baseline and commit rate validating. Use of MCS has helped me understand how last mile carriers use various mechanism to shape/policy our traffic. This tool truly shines when connections begin to degrade and I am able to provide the carrier with data that clearly identifies when the circuit began performing poorly. I have also used the data to distinguish between good and superior peering partners.

Vulcan, Dennis Walcott

I would like to share with you some great news, after over a year of troubleshooting the issue of 'poor upload speed' and finger pointing with the upstream carrier, they finally admitted that the issue resides on their core MPLS network. We would have not been able to solve this problem based on the test results alone, but with Visualware's expert analysis and guidance, we were able to make the necessary changes to the test parameters and processes.

One Connect Services, Inc., Abdel Mouktarid

As a customer of Visualware for over seven years, BullsEye utilizes MyConnection Server as a vital diagnostic toolset to test, analyze and ensure that proper conditions exist prior to activating and deploying our Digital Voice and Ethernet services regardless of the carrier.

BullsEye Telecom, Dan Springston

The testing service to Visualware's Quality Assessment Points runs without any problems and provided us with a better visibility to the quality of service being provided by our ISPs.

MCM Telecom, Olivares Tecla Luis Arturo

Network service related issues within a telecommunications platform can appear in many forms with some being difficult to detect and diagnose. Visualware’s MyConnection Server has been an indispensable tool ensuring not only end user quality of service levels are met, but also providing valuable data on internal networks. No matter the situation, it is one of the first sources I look to for proofing the service platform as a whole.

Nicholas Romero, Kerauno

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