// September 27, 2016


Is the assessment of quality more important than the speed?

Trusting business-critical applications to the cloud has risks. A cloud strategy delivers attractive cost benefits on paper. However, at the same time the user experience is removed from a company’s direct control. When business-critical applications are aggravated by a poor user experience, the company risks its reputation coming under fire. The cost benefits can quickly diminish, and the enterprise customers who are costly to win are frustrated and unhappy.

Poor network service in the cloud usually boils down to enterprise customers blaming network service providers. The challenge on both sides is difficult -- on the one hand, the application consumer may have the necessary IT skills within its organization but has no responsibility for the application delivery infrastructure. On the other hand, the application provider has responsibility for the delivery platform but has no responsibility for the consumer private network and the public network that bridges the two.

Needless to say, both the network service provider and its enterprise customers invest heavily in tools and services to monitor, measure and assess the network performance, but even when all lights are green, the dilemma of problem acceptance and resolution remains.

The standard solution is to get more speed or bandwidth, but will it actually deliver a solution to the problem? How should the network be assessed? Is speed or quality the issue? How do you evaluate the quality of a network? Is quality related to megabits per second? If not, what is?

Learn the answers to these important questions at Palmer’s feature presentation in the “Technology Showcase” session at the Telecom Exchange LA on November 15 2016. Network service providers should not miss the opportunity to augment and upgrade their network performance measurement criteria to provide the ultimate user experience (UX) to their most demanding customers.

Julian Palmer

Presenter: Julian Palmer, CTO
Visualware, Inc.
TEX LA 2016, Technology Showcase

Contact: Virginia Dori, VP of Product Marketing
Visualware, Inc.

// June 6th, 2016


Visualware, Inc. is a private Network Application and Performance Management Assessment Company headquartered in Turlock, California and was founded in 2001 by Henry C. Harris, President and CEO and Julian C. Palmer, CTO. The two Founders complement each other and are highly skilled in business development, finance, operations, engineering and marketing. They previously held executive positions in public companies and start-ups, and their innovative experience and expertise in successfully turning around struggling companies became the driving force in forming their own company, thus Visualware® was born.

Harris and Palmer met at Zitel's subsidiary Datametrics, where they held senior executive position in finance and operations. Their relentless drive in innovation and the need to improve existing technology platforms brought them together, and with another partner decided to leave Datametrics to form Visualware. In the company's early inception, it was focused on consumer market with their home-grown suite of home office products, VisualRoute, a Tracer Route and Network Diagnostic tool.

The company gained traction in the first five years and with their keen sense of innovation, they noticed that an important assessment tool in the world of network and Internet connectivity is missing. Every provider in the Network Application and Performance Assessment space is focused on monitoring speed of the Internet and data exchanges, but no one is providing a full, precise and comprehensive quality measurement and reporting.

To the customer, user experience (UX) is everything. Slow, erratic and failed connections are the very essence of a failed UX. Poor network connection is the number one complaint of all Online users worldwide.

Visualware is competing in the $3.0 billion Network Application and Performance Assessment market with 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and rising rapidly. This CAGR could reach to more than 20% in 2017.

When the user migration from desktop to tablets and smart devices hits phenomenal success, the market for monitoring, testing and measuring network connections exploded. In the last decade, Visualware became obsessed with the quality of network connections and user experience, and developed a unique technology platform, MyConnection Server™ (MCS). MCS is a network assessment toolset and became the flagship product for Visualware. It delivers a broad range of support managed automated and user-initiated self-help connection testing and monitoring services, directly via the browser to any Online customer/location anywhere in the world. It measures the full spectrum of application data flow and bandwidth while the competition only measures spots along the way.

MCS provides precise measurement connection throughput and capacity, network routing and firewall testing. These testing parameters can be done along with its analysis tools that are custom designed to assess connections for bandwidth's intensive and time critical applications such as VoIP and Video conferencing.

Visualware's technology platform measures an application's data flow while isolating the core network issues that disrupts a positive UX. It has the exclusive capability to measure, test and report the performance, quality and efficiency of network connections end-to-end and edge-to-edge in a secure environment. Their hardware products are proudly "Made in the USA."

Visualware has employees in the US and Europe with Executive, Operations, Finance and Marketing team in Northern and Southern California, Sales Operations in Centreville, Virginia and Technology group in London, England. Their major customers are global Telco, VoIP and large enterprises as well as emerging tech companies.

Visualware is in a unique position and the only one in the industry that offers this critical assessment tool. With its upcoming new offering, MyConnection ICC (Independent Certification Cloud), Visualware will become a big player in the Network Performance Assessment sector.

With new tight controls by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and new regulatory compliance on quality measurement and reporting of Internet connections in 2016, Visualware is a tech company to watch!

By: Virginia C. Dori
Vice President of Product Marketing
Visualware, Inc.