MyConnection ICC SaaS Solution
Why are all my Customers Complaining When all my Lights are Green?

MyConnection Server 10 delivers MICC

The game-changer for Network Assessment that you’ve been searching for. Ensuring a consistent and acceptable user experience demands quality.

  • MICC is a Cloud-based Independent Certification Network Assessment Service
  • Delivers value to MyConnection Server customer-base to seamlessly leverage Visualware’s rapidly expanding Quality Testing Assessment Points (APs)
    • Global SaaS solution that delivers independent certification of the quality and performance of critical network connection services
    • Global distributed Tier 1 Quality Testing APs
    • Assessment/testing reports with 100% accuracy
    • Fast, reliable, dependable and cost-effective solution
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MICC Benefits

When it comes to transparent and true network measurement, our competitors fall short. Here’s why:

  • Visualware is in a unique position and currently the only company in the industry that offers this Critical Quality Network Assessment Solution.
  • MICC provides 100% Network Quality Testing Accuracy -- the game-changer for Network Quality Assessment in the Cloud.
  • MICC powered by MyConnection Server provides an unprecedented technology platform that gives Network Service Providers the power to ensure a consistent and acceptable user experience (UX) – which demands good quality network connections.
  • Using MICC, MyConnection Server customers can seamlessly leverage Visualware’s rapidly expanding quality testing Assessment Points (AP’s) deployed in major cities in the US and the UK and future expansions to other global sites.
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  • Both provider and consumer organizations invest heavily in tools and services to monitor, measure and assess the network performance.
    • Even when all the lights are green the dilemma of problem acceptance and resolution remains
    • Network Service Providers are driven by immediate social media outcry to service outages and resolve poor network connections quickly
    • MICC resolves this dilemma in the most transparent and accurate manner, end-to-end and edge-to-edge
    • MICC isolate the network transport problems that impact the online customer experience
  • Visualware’s MyConnection Server based solutions, including MICC and its Access Series Technology provide the tools necessary to meet the service delivery demands of media-based applications, voice, video and collaboration services.

Are you asking...

  • How should the network be assessed?
  • Is it speed or is it a quality issue?
  • Is the assessment of quality more important than speed?
  • How do you assess the quality of a network?
  • Is quality related to megabits per second?

MICC has the answers...

  • When critical business applications are aggravated by a poor user experience, the business reputation is under high-risk:
    • The cost benefits can quickly diminish
    • Customers that are costly to win come under threat
    • MICC eliminates the threat and restore a high-quality UX
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  • Accuracy is only as good as the testing application’s ability to provide the details that validate the test results, with MICC no detail is too small.
  • Not all bandwidth, speed and assessment testing solutions are equal.
    • They should not be compared unless the differences are taken into consideration
    • With MICC you get pinpoint accuracy, end-to-end and edge to edge
  • The results from a speed tester should declare the method used to conduct the test, otherwise the results are meaningless, with MICC you get results that matter.
  • The test method must align to the application profile for the results to be of value when assessing the performance expectation of that application, with MICC you get unrivaled quality assessment.
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