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Visualware products can help you manage your Internet experience by quickly locating application or network performance problems, monitoring "real" web site response times, and tracing the location of suspicious IP addresses or email threats.  The Visualware Demonstration Portal is designed to help you see how you can solve real world Internet problems.

Click on any of the products below to access the Demonstration Portal.  Use of the Demonstration Portal is subject to our terms of use.


Most Popular Demos

Free demo of VisualRoute our popular internet services tool to test internet connection speed, trace an ip address and identify network connection  problems VisualRoute
See your connection path on a world map; identify bottlenecks, packet loss, and latency; our most popular Internet performance tool
Conduct a speed test, internet speed test, bandwidth test or dsl speed test with this free demo of MySpeed Server MySpeed Server
Provide accurate Internet speed test services for your visitors; view test results


Additional Demos

Free demo of DesktopAnalyzer help desk support tool for testing desktop compliance and desktop configuration DesktopAnalyzer
Help desk support tool for diagnosing desktop configuration, compliance and performance problems
Free demo of DesktopResponse help desk support tool for web site monitoring and application service management DesktopResponse
Help desk support tool for application service management; web site monitoring by geographic location
Measure web page efficiency and test web site performance with this free demo of PageSleuth PageSleuth
Measure your web page efficiency; identify slow pages and components; manage web site performance
Conduct computer foresics with ip lookup using free demo of Visual IP Trace; ip address lookup Visual IP Trace
Trace and report hackers; lookup an IP address and identify web site locations; get Whois info
Free demo of VisualPulse Router Edition an internet performance tool; test router performance and network services VisualPulse Router Edition
Ensure your routers are running and available; monitor key network devices
Free demo of DesktopPerspective help desk support tool for testing a remote desktop connection; test network performance and internet connection DesktopPerspective
Help desk support tool for identifying network bottlenecks on the Internet; test remote desktop connectivity and performance
Conduct an email lookup or email revers search with this free demo of eMailTrackerPro eMailTrackerPro
Quick and easy email lookup; trace and report spammers, trace an email message to the sender's location
Free demo of RoutePlotter an internet performance tool with continuos ip trace RoutePlotter
Monitor connections; ensure availability and connectivity of critical routes; continuous ip trace of key network locations
Free demo of VisualPulse Web Edition for monitoring web server performance, web services performance and network performance VisualPulse Web Edition
Ensure your critical Web applications and network devices are running and available; monitor key web application services
Free demo of VisualResponse; web site monitoring and application service management VisualResponse
Monitor actual customer experience for all web visitors based on geographic location


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