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MyVoIPSpeed™ Server Tests Internet Connections for VoIP Performance

Web-based connection testing enables businesses to quickly assess customer connections for VoIP communications

TURLOCK, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2006 – Visualware Inc. today announced MyVoIPSpeed Server, a VoIP performance analysis application that enables businesses to test customer Internet connections for VoIP sound quality and overall connection quality. MyVoIPSpeed Server helps resolve customer connection problems by accurately analyzing the key factors that impact VoIP performance -- including jitter, packet loss, bandwidth speeds and throughput consistency.

MyVoIPSpeed Server simulates VoIP data traffic between a server and remote user, allowing the user to test the capacity of a connection as well as the suitability of a connection to support VoIP traffic. The data flow is accurately analyzed for packets that arrive out of order, arrive late, or are dropped or discarded, all of which negatively impact VoIP conversation quality and often result in distorted sound or dropped calls. Download and upload bandwidth speeds are tested by accurately measuring data transfers, options are available for both HTTP and socket connection testing, The consistency of bandwidth delivery, which plays a significant role in the performance of time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, is also measured and reported.

MyVoIPSpeed Server is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and NOC Edition. The Standard Edition enables end-users to perform VoIP and bandwidth testing of their Internet connection. The Professional Edition adds a performance database which records all connection test results, providing support technicians visibility to customer connectivity issues. Individual or group sessions can be managed using Session IDs to enable quick and easy identification of wide scale and individual problems that impact customers. The NOC Edition adds the ability to perform automated testing from remote locations over time, providing consistent information for network operation centers (NOCs) to resolve VoIP quality, network quality and other performance issues.

“As VoIP implementations continue to accelerate, businesses need affordable tools to help them manage VoIP performance and resolve customer connectivity issues,” noted Julian Palmer, chief technology officer for Visualware. “MyVoIPSpeed Server allows businesses to quickly enable accurate VoIP testing and make the connection test process a simple exercise for the customer.”

MyVoIPSpeed Server is available for the Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, license options start $349 for a one year license. The product may be tried live online at ; free 15-day evaluation versions may be downloaded from

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