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Port Binding
Make sure the BCS is binding to the correct ports

The log file for the BCS resides in the installation folder.

This is the folder chosen during the install process.

run dialog box

By opening the log file the line to look out for is WebServer active on port 32658.

If there is an error it will be stated here.

If the service is running and the bind error exists it could be down to:

  • Another instance of the BCS was running when the service was started. In this case we recommend to a complete uninstall of existing BCS installs and then reinstalling.
  • A firewall was blocking the port. In this case check out any firewalls on the machine and make sure that port is open and the bcs.exe and NetQCheckHTML5Agent.exe are in the allowed list. Each firewall is different so check with your provider on how best to do this.

If the BCS is active on port 32658 AND the connectivity test consistently fails please contact us.